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      1. Diploma?and Certificate Courses

        iMTT’s state of the art CNC Machine Shop gives students the practical skills and experience that employers look for

        Train for a New Career or Upgrade your Existing Skills

        If you’re looking for a technical career with steady growth and excellent career opportunities, training in CNC, Automation, or Drafting could be an excellent opportunity.

        At iMTT, our training schedules are designed for busy adult-learners who may be balancing work with family and other commitments, but want to make a change in their career or enhance their skills.

        Our full time programs are offered Monday to Friday 8:00am to 2:00pm or 4:30 to 10:00pm. Our part time certificate courses are offered on Saturdays.

        Take a look at the courses we offer…

        • CNC Operator and Programmer

          Demand for CNC Machine Tool Operator/Setup/Programmers is on the rise. Get the skills employers look for in as little as 10 months, Start Today!

        • Automation & Industrial Electrician

          Get the skills to become a sought after Automation & Industrial Electrician. Learn PLC, Servo Technology, HMI, Control Wiring & Troubleshooting and More in 28 Weeks. Get Info..

        • SolidWorks

          Level 1 and Level 2 SolidWorks Certificate programs to upgrade your existing skills. Classes run on Saturdays. Get Info!

        • Mastercam

          Mastercam X9 part time certificate programs - Level 1, Level 2, Mutli-Axis and Lathe courses. Learn more.

        Employers prefer applicants who have completed post-secondary school training. Institute of Machine Tool Technology (iMTT) offers comprehensive programs that will give you the skills, hands-on experience and confidence it takes to succeed in your chosen field.

        Find Out More…

        If you’re interested in learning more about training at iMTT, call us at 1-855-889-4688 or fill out the form on?this page. A helpful Career Advisor can assist you with everything from course options to financial aid.

        You can also Book a Tour of our facilities, and see what it’s like to be a student at iMTT.